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Application for Registration under the Alcohol Wholesalers Registration Scheme submitted and accepted under Number 077000002785

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everyday wines

Our everyday wine list comprises a selection from all over the globe.

These are the wines we deliver to your house for every day enjoyment. In my three decades in the industry I have had three occasions where wines we have delivered have been returned because the customer doesn't like them.

You are absolutely welcome to send anything back you don't like, but we are confident that won’t happen. Delivery in London happens the following day if we get your order by 2pm and everywhere else just takes a tad longer. We can leave it somewhere safe, with a neighbour or we can call before. It’s all part of the service.

We do get quite a few comments on the fact we charge delivery. We charge everyone delivery because it is all part of Claret-e's transparency. In almost all occasions we are still cheaper than the competition even if you add in this cost.

We taste the wines, we buy the wines, we sell and deliver the wines and we would ask also that you don't mind paying for them. We take cheques and cards though many of you pay electronically already.

I don't have to sell wines I am told to, I don't wear a pin stripe suit and I don't get harangued by my sales director when I don't beat my budget.  

I have often considered firing myself but I am still just hanging on…